Probably the most competitive sector in Russia with relatively low level of state capital participation leading to mainly market driven competition. Market rivalry creates demand for top-notch professionals.

purehunt is happy to provide candidates in the following areas:

  • sales & marketing
  • supply chain
  • production
  • organizational development

Internet and technology industry is actively expanding, even through the financial crisis it remained an active sector demonstrating sustained growth. As the matter of fact, it is one of the most attractive sectors for both financial and strategic investors in Russia. At the same time with growth and expansion comes competition and a struggle for talent.

purehunt is able to assist market leaders as well as start-up tech companies in filling mid to top-level management positions in the following areas:

  • internet
  • telecommunications
  • IT professional services
  • software

The natural resources of Russia represent over 20% of the world’s reserves. This sector generates a significant percentage of Russia’s GDP and is constantly attracting local and international investors leading to vast developments and new challenges in attracting more diversely competent talent.

purehunt is successfully supporting industry leaders and mid-caps in sourcing top tier mid-level and senior-level professionals.

While difficult global market conditions exist for many industrial companies, investment in modernizing and building new production facilities continues in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and remainder of the CIS.

purehunt has specialized expertise in sourcing the best available talent mainly for:

  • engineering
  • metallurgy
  • chemical
  • machinery
  • automotive
  • transportation

Russian real estate is going through tough times, but in spite of all the difficulties and the crisis, it remains a challenging and aspiring sector.

purehunt is ready to provide seasoned professionals in the following areas:

  • development
  • construction
  • brokerage
  • property management
  • asset management
  • operations
  • leasing
  • sales
  • analysis
  • acquisitions
  • marketing

Changes in global and local economies, the international exchange of commodities, the globalization of freight flows and the efficiency of delivery schemes along with the need to optimize transportation, storage and distribution costs give rise to the demand for integrated transport and logistics solutions.While logistics sector was unable to escape the consequences of the financial crisis and has faced decrease in production, consumption volumes and reduced freight traffic, skilled talent is the key force to provide efficient growth.

purehunt focuses on providing specialists in the following areas:

  • c-level leadership
  • sales
  • operations
  • marketing

Whether boom or recession – clients always need expert advice to manage their growth or to restructure their business in a declining market.

purehunt possesses extensive network in consulting community and is highly capable of executing assignments in the following areas:

  • strategy
  • operations
  • marketing
  • organizational
  • lean
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